Big Veda

In Hinduism, a Veda is a knowledge or truth writing. I don't pretend that this stuff is anything more than rumination. But through writing it I find a bit of knowledge or truth. Hope you find some truth too. PAX


Enough is NEVER enough...

I'm trying to sell my house. It is by far the biggest pain in the ass I have ever had to endure. Waiting in line at the Dallas County Courthouse to pay a traffic ticket is miserable. But at least you get to leave when you're done and forget it ever happened. Selling a house disrupts your entire life. You are at the mercy of strangers who want to wander around your house looking into the darkest corners of your closets. They invade your castle with as little as 30 minutes notice only to walk away with not so much as a "sorry for the intrusion into the only peaceful place in your life". I expect them to leave my house and go find some birds nests and knock them out of trees. So I run around like a madman sweeping, wiping, dusting, and doing away with clutter and when I think I have done enough... enough is never enough!



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